LGBTQ+ Training & Consulting

As a LGBTQ+ health educator, I will assist you to create an affirming and inclusive practice, organization or business. This training will benefit your LGBTQ patients and staff, as well as your overall business mission to provide quality care.

Trainings can also be provided for conferences and other speaking engagements.

The presentation will include information on:

  • Terminology of the identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella
  • Population statistics, nationally and locally
  • Health disparities and creating health equity with affirming care
  • Socio-political barriers
  • Communication tools
  • How to create a welcoming practice, organization and business
  • What it means to be an ally
  • Resources


Consulting will assist you in creating a welcoming, affirming organization.

  • Policies and practices
  • Electronic Medical Record and collecting SOGI (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity) data
  • Intake forms
  • Overview of practice to determine areas to address
  • Representation and visibility